Our last day as a group. How could this be? 🙁

The morning started a little later today, and we all got to sleep in just a little bit. Dean Grillot was our tour guide for the first part of the day and we started our tour at the Altare della Patria. Otherwise known as, the “cake” of Rome.  It was the best view I have seen on the trip! I could see the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, everything! We got to look around for awhile and take some pictures before leaving.

We then got to take a lunch break and walk around a little before meeting up with Kirk! I finally got to eat some fresh fruit, so I was very content. 🙂

Next stop: The Colosseum! We started the tour on the bottom floor so we got a better view of what happened down there and what the structure looked like. Kirk has us background on how it was made, what happened there, and who sat where. It was very insightful, to say the least! A group of us decided to go look around the top part of the Colosseum and get a different view. It was crazy busy, but it still did not take away from the beauty of it all.


Our final destination for the trip was the Roman Forum! The ruins of Julius Caesar himself 🙂 How cool. We got to walk through all of it and hear about the stories that occurred where our feet were walking.


Aaaand that is a wrap. No more class. No more funny lunches. No more sightseeing. The trip went by WAY too fast. I am so thankful for every memory and every new friendship made. Today was a good day to go out. I will always cherish the people and lessons learned throughout the 14 days I was here.



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