Day 2 of our fun day trips

Today we went to Florence!!!

I did not think that hauling 47, tired, slow-moving teenagers onto a train was going to be pretty, but it quite frankly went smoother than any bus ride we have taken.

Kirk gave us a fast walking tour of the city and gave us some history about the way the city was constructed. We then got split up into 2 different groups and my group got 3 hours of free time before we had anything scheduled. So I boogied my way directly to the LEATHER MARKET! A.K.A bargain central ūüėČ This was the perfect opportunity¬†for me to get gifts for friends back home so I was on a mission. After about 393093 arguments with the sellers about prices, I left the leather market with 2 wallets, a purse and a pair of shoes. I’d say it was a success.

After the leather market, a few of us went to see the view from the bridge in Florence. WHAT. A. VIEW. I wish I could have taken at that moment just a little longer. Even though there were hundreds of strangers all around me, I felt at peace in those few minutes.

By the time we finished up with lunch, it was time for our group to go meet Kirk at the Uffizi Gallery Museum. I could have spent hours in this place! Even just the architecture of the museum itself was incredible. We walked from room to room learning about the history of each painting and the artists. A common theme in the paintings that we saw was the Madonna and her child. However, the paintings differed and modernized as the artists began to add different details to their works of art. Another common theme in the paintings we saw was naturalism. What did the artists do in the painting to make it look real? Kirk gave us many insightful notes that helped better our understanding of the art.

Thank goodness we get to spend 2 days in Florence because 1 would certainly not be enough!





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